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Be Healthy in a Hurry Podcast

We are thrilled to be able to share ideas, conversations, and new ways to thinking in our series, Be Healthy in a Hurry, with authors and speakers Buddy Lee, Betty Norlin, and Dr. Wayne "The Mango Man" Pickering. We went live with our first 3 episodes on Tuesday, February 4th, 2019 at 7am. We plan to launch our shows each Tuesday morning at 7am EST.

Buddy Lee, Olympic Athlete and World Jump Rope Expert for Cross Fit, as well as so much more will share tips on fitness and movement, as well as ways to incorporate the greatest exercise, jump rope, as well as other exercises into your daily routine. Check out his new book: 101 Best Jump Rope Workouts: The Ultimate Handbook for the Greatest Exercise on the Planet

Betty Norlin, Motivational and Wellness Speaker and Teacher, will help you develop a mind set that will help transform your thinking and perspective as you get and/or stay healthy. Learn the secrets of a body powered to heal in her book: Our Bodies: The Optimal Design.

Dr. Wayne "The Mango Man" Pickering, author of 25 books with a Doctorate in Naturopathy and Theology with a Masters Degree in Nutrition will teach you about food combining and nutrition and how to Get Old and Better and not Old and Bitter. 

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Dec 20, 2022

Mari Vasan is a former Wall Street executive who now coaches women in midlife (and sometimes dances on a pole). She is a Women’s Midlife Transformation Expert and is founder of Mari Vasan Coaching and

How did she get to this point in life? Growing up poor, she decided at 14 she was going to make money and in college did everything she could to learn about Wall Street. By the time she was 34 she had achieved everything she wanted, and was burned out. She and her husband had two kids and she focused on them, as well as on personal growth, taking care of extended family, and charitable endeavors for the next few years. 

In 2011 Mari went to a Tony Robbins event and walked on hot coals. She saw people go from suicidal to joyful in a matter of minutes…She knew she had to become a coach. Soon after beginning to coach, she realized people had subconscious programs that often prevented breakthroughs.

So, she learned hypnosis. During the next 10 years she coached women from all walks of life, and studied with some of the best in the transformation field (an investment of $300,000+). 

Today Mari teaches women how to update their brains, so their mind works with them instead of against them. If you think about computers, our brains are like computers. There are often viruses stuck on the hard drives of the brain - installed in early childhood – which served a person well at the time, but no longer. Mari reminds us that we wouldn’t dream of not updating the software of our phone or app for 10, 20, or 30 years…our brain needs updates too.

In this session we will explore:

  • How to invigorate youth for women over 45. 
  • Why is someone who’s brilliant in the boardroom is challenged in their personal life or in the bedroom.
  • What hypnotherapy does to combat lack of motivation.
  • What exactly is hypnosis, why should we use it, and busting some of the myths about hypnosis?
  • How hypnosis can help to rewire our brain.
  • A peak into the motivation to start pole dancing at the age of 50.
  • What are some quick ways to go from anxious to calm?
  • Is midlife really the worst stage of life?

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